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Our Products

We can procure and supply locally sourced meat and are currently developing a product range of locally produced meat.

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Both English and Imported beef can be supplied in every form from pre cut, larder trimmed steaks to different sizes of diced or minced beef. Be this for the gourmet restaurant, the local bakery or anyone who wishes to cook quality meat.


Again, both English and Imported Lamb can be purchased by customers who can have their products cut to their own individual requirements.


Pork is mainly procured from Smithfield Market.


Most of the Bacon and Gammon supplied is from Britain, Denmark or Holland. Pre packed , sliced bacon and gammon steaks can be bought or customers may prefer hand cut gammon steaks and joints cut to their own specifications.


All of our Chickens are prepared in our own poultry preparation area to customerís specific requirements. Likewise, all of our Turkeys can be supplied whole or cut as required.


KD Catering Butchers supply fresh and frozen sausages ranging from old Cumberland Sausages to very small cocktail sausages and all manufactured and packed to individual requirements.


Both Beef , Lamb and Pork burgers are made fresh everyday and come in various sizes and thicknesses to suit all requirements

Beef Lamb Pork Bacon Poultry Sausages


Haggis BBQ Pack Cheese Sausages
Added Value Products

KD Catering Butchers can also add value to most of their meat products by adding different flavourings such as Barbecue and Chinese to pork ribs or minted glaze to lamb chops. Marinating other meats such as steaks in different flavoured oils is another way of adding value to your meat.

Tinned Products

KD Catering Butchers can provide many tinned products such as baked beans, chopped tomatoes, grapefruit segments, pineapple, garden peas, sweet-corn, carrots.

Additional Products

KD Catering Butchers can also provide additional products to you such as eggs, cheese, mayonnaise, pate, salami, pepperoni sticks, black pudding, pies, cooking oil, scotch eggs.

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